Forgotten 80’s – part 2

Another forgotten one-hit wonder was by the synth-pop band that went by the name EBN-OZN. They had one hit that proved that learning your vowels never goes out of style. AEIOU Sometimes Y was a hit in 1983. Like many one-hit wonders it was a bizarre song that deserved is danceable hit status. The group was made up of Ned Liben and Robert Rosen. Their only album that was released was titled Feeling Cavalier(I still have it on cassette). Even though the group was only formed in 1981 the duo went their separate ways in 1985. Ned Liben died in 1998 of a Heart Attack. Robert Rosen changed his name to Robert Ozn and is now working as a writer, producer in the film industry. So without further fanfare enjoy AEIOU SOMETIMES Y. 🙂