Adventures in the sleepy town of Sandusky, Ohio.   A small town on the southern edge of Lake Erie, a former bustling industrial and fishing port that is re-inventing itself as a resort town.   It has come a long way and will soon be the tourist magnet they hope to become with industrial spaces being converted into lakefront condos and shops, eateries etc galore. And they seem to be making a fine effort at restoring/preserving some of the old historic buildings downtown. But for now enjoy some of the remaining grunge of spaces in transition. As a soundtrack click “play” on this wonderful instrumental song, SANDUSKY, by Uncle Tupelo

All Images taken on 5/17/15

20 Female Music Artists…

whose music, songs and sounds, deserved more….than the 15 min of fame that they had…..

Dionne Farris

Tracy Chapman

Brenda Kahn

Eddie Reader w/Fairground Attraction

Paula Cole

Fiona Apple

Julie Cruise

Carolyn Mas

Kristin Hersh w/Throwing Muses

Heidi Berry

Lush (Miki Berenyi, Emma Anderson, Meriel Barham)

Kim Deal w/The Amps

Nina Gordon

Julia Fordham

Holly Cole

Caroline Lavelle

Claire Hamill

Alison Moyet w/Yaz (a.k.a. Yazoo)

Sam Phillips

Jane Siberry