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Person of mystery. Soul dancer. Quietness advocate. Invisibility promoter. Living, breathing paradox. Heretic. Artist & mystic.

Based in Akron, Ohio, Mobius Faith (a pseudonym for Terry Amstutz) originally created this blog in 2014 to collect writings and images that I’ve created as well as a place to share music and video that I love and find inspiring.   It was a place for feedback, criticism and conversation….

It is now 2018 – the world has changed – and, in my humble opinion – not for the better.  However, I still believe in the power of ideas to make the world a better place.  I still have some hope in humanity to survive this mess we’ve made and come out better than before.   There’s just one problem:  everyone is talking and NO ONE is listening.  Through technology humanity has become nothing more than a clanging gong or clashing cymbals.  With that in mind I decided to change my blog to an image only site.   I’ve disabled comments because I want people to “listen” to the images I post.  We don’t need more talk; we need more thought and consideration. When we “listen” we can learn more about others and also ourselves.

So consider these images.  Many, who come to this blog will view it as just more click-bait – which I can’t help – it’s the nature of the technology we have and the inability of people to control their own use of this technology.

How long will this site remain this way?   Only time will tell.
I hope that one day I will begin to write again when words become meaningful and important; not just fodder for the like-minded.

Until that time:

Listen to the images
See the music
Speak with your hands and feet
Walk with your mind and heart
In the synesthesia of life

If you are interested in purchasing, exhibition or licensing of my images please click on the CONTACT page/tab at the top of this blog.  Thank you for your interest and support. 

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