The Dance

The dance of life…loss… and the life that remains.
…the dance goes on….
A beautiful song and video.

Gunter Grass…on facebook

FACEBOOK IS SHIT – “Someone who has 500 friends has no friends”

Pretty much sums up how I feel about Facebook and cell phones. (which is why I have neither – and God willing never will)

A beautiful Fado song….

I’ve never heard this singer before. I love her voice and the video is amazing. It is shot in an abandoned structure which is in my opinion the perfect backdrop for fado and it’s sense of Saudade (beautiful sadness) it’s the feeling I get when I photograph in these places. Enjoy This video by Katia Guerreiro – “Ate ao fim” (Until the end)

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You Knew It Had To Happen…

…of course… what did you expect?…It seems that whenever I start making lists…I can’t help but incorporating the items on the list into images. So far in this series I have about thirty items on the list (only twenty which I’ve posted on this blog). So it seemed natural to start creating backgrounds for these “sayings”.

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I am planning on publishing these in book form late 2016 after I get the images completed.
I even have a tentative book cover for the new book. The color for this cover was deliberately kept in the gray tones. It is inspired by a quote from a Greek artist;


Truisms bk cover evn smlr

THE NEW [and evolving] REALITY – PT 2

…and now the continuing list of…TRUISMS FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM.

Common sense is now uncommon.

Theft is merely another form of financial management
and economic opportunity.

Weakness is celebrated more than strength

Conscience is optional

In a world of competing priorities
Everything is URGENT!

You must TAKE rest,
Rest will not be given to you

Emancipate the silence!

More sight, less thought

Nature WILL BE the last terrorist
[and nature ALWAYS wins!]

stated, re-stated,
and re-stated yet again;
need not be

Options are valued
more than wise choices


This is from an ongoing list of trends in behavior and values observed in the new millennium.
The first part of this list was posted on this blog March 5,2015 and like the previous list…
…to be continued….