An amazing video on the origins of paparazzi

From one of my favorite YouTube channels.   This video  not only traces the origins of Paparazzi, or what we would call tabloid journalism today and it's effects on celebrity perceptions.  Enjoy and have an enjoyable weekend.  


Hopefully by time this posts the Russia's unprovoked, unjust war on Ukraine will be over.   These abstract images are inspired by the fact that Russia has now used chemical weapons (phosphorus bombs).   These phosphorus bombs glow in the night and cause severe burning.     They are illegal and were developed by Hitler's Nazi regime which dubbed them "the flaming onion".     

Like Edwin Starr sang "STOP THE WAR NOW!  Don't put if off another day."

When I scheduled this post back near the beginning of March I sincerely hoped that I maybe the nonsense of this foolish war would be over by now. Obviously I was, sadly, wrong to hope that. I’m so sick and tired of human’s and their stupid ideas of conquest. I honestly don’t think there is any hope for humanity anymore. I’m beyond cynical at this point. There is only absurdity. Wishing Putin dead or for regime change seems useless because like the great Hydra, you cut off one head there are two others waiting to replace it. Meaningless, meaningless, everything is meaningless…