check your attitude

If you've followed (or checked in on) this blog for several years then you already know the I've loved the music of Michael Franti & Spearhead.    
Today I want to focus in on attitudes.   I don't know about the rest of the world but here in "United" States there has been so much negativity and to be honest there have been way too many times I've gotten sucked into that deep dark black hole.   Sometimes with reason sometimes for no reason at all except that's the environment I'm in.    It's been especially challenging the past 10 years.    Well we need to check our attitudes look at the source and either decide to continue the "downward spiral" or change our attitudes.   The music of Michael Franti has been that attitude check for me.   Here are 3 videos of his music from the past 2-3 years that help.   Stay Human.  Recognize that people who create headaches and trouble are STILL people.   Don't get sucked into typecasting people as villains, enemies, animals, evil etc.   When we curse other humans we curse what is human in us.   We all have weaknesses, lapses in judgement, we at times can be villains, enemies, animals, evil etc.   And the good thing is that we never stay that way.   What makes it seem different for some other people - people/celebrities/politicians - is that the media only shows the side of people that are evil, "animals", "enemies" and villains.    But enough talk because - I could write a whole lot more - just enjoy the music and videos.   So check your attitude and remember with all the bad shit that happens good shit happens also.   And work hard and be nice to others even those you don't like or agree with.  Remember when you get/got up this morning it was a good day for a good day.   If you're unable to view the videos go ahead and lookup the following on YouTube and hopefully you'll be able to find a version that is available in your country:
Michael Franti & Spearhead - Good Shit Happens    
                                                    Work Hard And Be Nice
                                                    Good Day For A Good Day

The Dance

One of the wonderful things about YouTube is how different fashion houses have embraced the shared video format as an opportunity to create and share some amazing video content.   This video I'm posting today in an amazing example.   

This film created to celebrate International Dance Day 2022.  Dance has always been about the creative tension between control and release and even explores movement through sounds that are created through movement.  The setting is the Palazzo Farnese in Rome.  Built for the Farnese family and was greatly expanded when Alessandro Farnese became Pope Paul III.   Famous for it's  sculptures and artwork (most which resides currently Museums in Naples) it is currently the home of the French Embassy in Italy.   The dancers represent sculptures come to life as the the dance tells the story of Nox, goddess of night, adding darkness and mystery to this place of power.  

The costumes are designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, designer and creative director for famous fashion house, Christian Dior and highlight the sculptural elements of the dancers bodies.   Music is by various composers including (but not limited to) Ligeti, Bach and Vivaldi.

The camerawork and lighting are also quite amazing.  seamlessing weaving in and out between real time, slow motion and reverse slow motion.