…frail attempts…


eyes brighten
morning sky wakes
jasmine tea


yesterdays flowers are dead
dry fire burning


shattered reflections
fish jumping through surface
new reality

… monster within …



Each of us carries within, a monster that we were born with. Depending on your religion you are taught to battle with this monster and overcome it. It has many names – Christianity calls it “original sin”.  Laws are passed to control it.  But I have yet to see someone who has defeated or eliminated this beast. They may be able to suppress it, lock it away, in attempts to control it; but the fact remains, it still escapes from time to time to reveal it’s threatening face. It’s this battle with the inner monster that has led people outwardly to express contempt, rage, ignorance and violence directed at self and others. In fact when in battle with the monster one is frequently overcome by the monster. One may be in battle with the monster even while trying to do good but when that happens it will lead to suffering and misunderstanding.  Remember Frankenstein’s monster who accidentally drowned the little girl? The monster did harm to the child without intending. ( https://youtu.be/v5FtI472Q6I – if you need a refresher). In equating the child to the pretty flowers that were floating on the water he threw her in expecting her to float. But because the monster was in control she died which brought not only suffering to her and others but also to himself.

Has anyone thought of befriending the monster? What about treating the monster with compassion and care as if it were an injured child instead of some wild beast that must be “put down”? When we take care of our monster and treat it with compassion, love and care we can soothe the beast within preventing harm to others as well as ourselves. Preventing suffering for others and ourselves. Take care of your monster. Love your monster. Have compassion on it. It is a part of you. When you take care of it you take care of yourself. If Frankenstein had actually loved his monster and had compassion for it he would have taken care of it instead of pursuing his megalomania.

In fact it is possible that your monster can actually help you.
Your monster can be a great source of motivation. You can use it’s energy to be of benefit and do good things. It can be your energy to stay focused and press on at a time when things start to drag. This takes practice. First compassion, love and caring.

When did we learn to be afraid of our monster?

***about the photo: this image was taken at an abandoned mental institution called Molly Stark State Hospital. The local county has turned the grounds into the wonderful Molly Stark Park near Louisville, OH. The buildings still stand in their slow decay with boarded up windows and doors because the cost for demolition is too prohibitive.

…into the silence…

Are you comfortable with silence?
Do you enjoy silence in the presence of others?

(repeat) Are you comfortable with silence?
Do you enjoy silence in the presence of others?

Where is the silence in sound?
Do you fill your space with “noise” that speaks of silence?


Do you enjoy actual silence?

While complete silence does not exist (unless it is manufactured – i.e. a soundproof room) Why do we feel the need to fill the void and space with more sound? There is a lot of music and songs that speak of silence. Sound is always trying to tell us what silence is.  ONLY silence can tell us what it really IS. Experience the silence! The ears and eyes deceive us. Let your heart feel the nuances and subtlety of silence. Know peace.


  •   Step 1:  Turn off the television
  •   Step 2:  Turn off the radio/stereo
  •   Step 3:  Turn off your phone/mobile device
  •   Step 4:  Turn off your computer
  •   Step 5:  Stop talking
  •   Step 6:  Listen (some beginners may want to close their eyes – but not necessary – as you get comfortable with the    silence you will find that having your eyes open can enhance the experience)
  •   Step 7:  Observe (listen)
  •   Step 8:  Practice slow regular breathing – in and out, in and out
  •   Step 9:  Observe the symphony of “other” sound and how it makes you feel.   Start to enjoy and feel comfortable with it.
  • Step 10:  Repeat.

Note:  Do not try to control others during this exercise (i.e. telling them to be quiet etc).  It is only necessary to control yourself.

After you do this in a state of stillness – next try to physically move through your day in complete silence (it may be in how your walk, how you respond/communicate with others).  It may be at work or a walk in the park or through town.  How does your peace, your quiet, affect your relationship with, and to, other sentient beings?

“Silence is a friend who never disappoints.” ~ Confucius


“I have begun to realize that you can listen to silence and learn from it.  It has a quality and a dimension all its own. ~ Chaim Potok


“Never miss a good chance to shutup” ~ Will Rogers


“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs.  When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” ~ Ansel Adams


“He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.” ~ Elbert Hubbard


“Silence is a source of great strength.” Lao Tzu


“Silence is only frightening to people who are compulsively verbalizing.” ~ William S. Burroughs

May all of you enjoy a quiet and peaceful weekend.  Peace.

Deus Ex Machina








*While results are guaranteed, satisfaction with those results is not.

…3 Days…

Recent entries from the mobius journals…


I love morning best
the blanket of stillness
and pillows of quiet
cushion the new day
as it emerges snail-like
from the shell of night & sleep


today I am without words
without pen
that double-edged sword
which carves out of the imagination
shapes on paper
proof of one’s existence


in memoria of Barb H. (friend and co-worker)

two words full of weight and anxiety
like a sinking stone
that gives no right for the sun to shine
sunshine and sadness
the eternal conflict
minuano(*) wind
comes to rest in an instant
forever peace
quiet night
living only in dreams
and happy memories

*(from wikipedia)The Minuano is a cold wind that blows in the South of Brazil and in Uruguay. It is widely mentioned in the Gaúcho folklore of the region. This wind originates from cold polar fronts that come from the Southwest of South America during periods of high atmospheric pressure, usually following rains caused by the shock of the cold front with warmer stationary humid air. Some times it produces a “howling” sound.