This new series is a pixel based approach to photo editing in photoshop. When I was starting in digital photography the higher number of pixels meant a clear, or better defined image. If the pixels themselves were visible often seen when enlarging a photo too much it was defined as undesirable or poor quality. Whenever someone talks about pixel art it is typically in reference to computer art (specifically 8-bit and 16-bit computer games).  But that type of pixel art is not what I’m interested in – it just seems too juvenile.  In my approach the pixels themselves ARE the “brush strokes” to be used and combined in different sizes. In fact pixelation as I see it may be seen at some point as the impressionism of the digital age. I’ve also been inspired by op-art, grid art (think Mondrian, Gerhart Richter’s “Color Blocks”, etc), pointillism, as well as those media interviews where the subjects identity was obscured , blurred and pixelated. The images you see here draw on all these influences and add my own interpretation (or creative touch) through layering in photoshop. I find these works interesting from afar but also up close. I find that as I get in closer and closer I can see pixels within pixels, tones within tones. In some ways visually representing what in music is called overtones or harmonics.  I’m basically going in two directions here – both skyline/scenic and abstract presentations

I hope you enjoy these and welcome your thoughts.  More to come….

If you are interested in purchasing, exhibition or licensing of my images please click on the CONTACT page/tab at the top of this blog.  Thank you for your interest and support. 

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