holiday music 1

Starting off the Christmas season with a relatively new song.     Wanting To Believe, a reinterpretation of the classic O Holy Night by Brian and his brother Roger Eno.     Wanting to get away from the archaic religiosity of the original and make more applicable to our contemporary world, The Eno brothers have completely redone the lyrics and given this classic melody a new arrangement.   A decisively more ambient arrangement which oddly enough lends to a quiet reverence that the original lyrics suggest.

This song is from a great holiday album by classical label, Deutsch Grammophon, that was released last year titled WINTER TALES.  

***If you are unable to play this video please search YouTube for "Wanting To Believe" by Brian Eno. 

coastal haiku

gulls flight in the night
coastal lights guiding their slumber
humans haunting sounds


seagulls on the prowl
dive-bombing at lunch in hand
McDonald’s french fries

From The Coast

This morning…


The muffled sun
A quiet hum of tires on pavement
Sleepy twittering of the waking sparrow
Mournful train whistle in the distance
And Discreet Music by Brian Eno on the stereo.
The day comes alive in the city.