Dune Quotes

and be sure to check out my FAVORITE Frank Herbert quote – the litany against fear – on an older post from 2016 but perfectly suited to the age of COVID-19 (click the link below).

….on….. fear…..

Highlining 2800m in winter.’Hayley’- 90 seconds about fear. (Dir. Stian Smestad Music by Nils Frahm) from Stian Smestad on Vimeo.

Before walking a 52 meter highline at 2800 altitude in midst winter, I asked Hayley about fear. She replied with her favorite quote from Frank Herbert’s “Dune”. A short film about Hayley Ashburn, filmed in the Torri del Vajolet, set to the hypnotizing soundtrack Tristana by Nils Frahm.

Directed by Stian Smestad (www.hellostian.com)
Athlete Hayley Ashburn
Music Nils Frahm «Tristana»

Conform to Deform

[fyi – this is a repost from my previous blog from 11/2012]
conformist paralax

Another abstract creation derived 3 manipulated images taken during a walk along the towpath through an industrial area in Akron, Ohio. With Sunday normally being associated with conformist religion. It seems the perfect day to promote nonconformism. 😉 Be yourself.

Of course the key to all ideas is finding balance. It is possible to bend without losing ones identity. Balance and flexibility. Being able to absorb the questions, criticisms and observations of others without offense or fear will make us strong.

“The green reed which bends in the wind
is stronger than the mighty oak
which breaks in a storm.” – Confucius

“The little reed, bending to the force of the wind, soon stood upright again when the storm had passed over.” – Aesop

Feyd-Rautha: [whispers] You see… your death… my blade will finish you.
Paul Atreides: [thinks] I will bend like a reed in the wind.
– From the movie DUNE

“It would be easier to roll up the entire sky into a small cloth than it would be to obtain true happiness without knowing the Self.” – The Upanishads

I went to a psychiatrist once. I was doing something that had become a pattern in my life, and I thought, Well, I should go talk to a psychiatrist. When I got in to the room, I asked him, “Do you think that this process could, in any way, damage my creativity?” And he said, “Well, David, I have to be honest: it could.” And I shook his hand and left. – David Lynch from his book, CATCHING THE BIG FISH

“Sometimes restrictions get the mind going. If you’ve got tons and tons of money, you may relax and figure you can throw money at any problem that comes along…. But when you have limitations, sometimes you come up with very creative, inexpensive ideas.” – David Lynch from his book, CATCHING THE BIG FISH

Cabaret Voltaire – DIFFUSION from the original 1985 recording “GASOLINE IN YOUR EYE and also the collection CONFORM TO DEFORM’82/’90. ARCHIVE;