black and white

Black And White

FYI – for those who follow me, or maybe you’ve chanced upon my page, and you like my photo-based digital abstracts: I’ve now collected them on one gallery page titled abstract creations. So now you don’t have to scroll through all my posts to find them. If you click on ABSTRACT CREATIONS (shown under my blog header) then click on any one of the photos you can view it larger. You can also use this link.

You Knew It Had To Happen…

…of course… what did you expect?…It seems that whenever I start making lists…I can’t help but incorporating the items on the list into images. So far in this series I have about thirty items on the list (only twenty which I’ve posted on this blog). So it seemed natural to start creating backgrounds for these “sayings”.

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I am planning on publishing these in book form late 2016 after I get the images completed.
I even have a tentative book cover for the new book. The color for this cover was deliberately kept in the gray tones. It is inspired by a quote from a Greek artist;


Truisms bk cover evn smlr