Mars…. the exploration continues

Okay. I need to geek out again. I am so pumped about this coming Thursday 18/2/2021. I’ve been waiting for this day ever since Perseverance was launched 30/7/2020. In fact I’m so excited about this day that I took a vacation day from work to follow online the entry, descent and landing of NASA’s latest rover, Perseverance. This is not science fiction! This is REAL science. Here’s a video and animation of what we might expect on the 18th as humanity adds another vehicle to the Martian Used Vehicle lot. I wonder if Martians will someday gather up all these rovers and scavenge them for spare parts or set up a lot to sell them? LOL

One thing that makes Perseverance different is that landing technology and also a first – on the belly of perseverance is a helicopter that will be able to fly advance recognizance for the rover as well as perform it’s own science activities (imaging the planet).

Feel free to join me viewing the 7 minutes of terror online at

And a little more than a month after the anniversary of David Bowies death – his music is more relevant than ever….. because we are looking to see if there is evidence of past life on Mars. 🙂

… on… aging is like flying….

When I was young I learned how to fly.
Now that I’m old I’m learning how to land.

It isn’t always easy.
I get frustrated.
Sometimes I crash and burn.
I still need practice.

Landing The Hard Way

Landing The Hard Way

God Is An Astronaut – Fragile