the poetry of textures

Today I will discuss something I look for in my photography - TEXTURE.  
I Love textures.    I used to really go overboard on textures and that is the reason I've re-edited some of my old photos.    When the photo is a photo of a texture or when there is plenty of texture in the photograph already it is not necessary to add any texture.    Texture should be treated like a fine wine.    A glass or two is perfect but if you get drunk you become an absolute mess.    Using texture is much the same (in my opinion).     Now I will add a caveat there are times for working on an abstract original a severe or obvious texture may add to the overall composition but these are rare instances.    Generally speaking texture is is like frosting on the cake.   You want some but you also want the cake also.   Okay maybe that's not the best analogy because I'm sure there are readers out there who would argue they could live on frosting alone (you know who you are).   LOL  ūüôā

I also love poetry.  I love poetry for it's ability to condense feelings, emotions, images, impressions into a few words - no need to write a novel.   At least I don't feel the need to write a novel.   :-).  Textures for me provide that same ability and can change a "feeling" or "impression" of an image just by adding some textures - the same that poetry does for language or storytelling.  
My newest texture was created using this photo below.  It is simply a photograph of paint/tar splatter on concrete wall under a roadway where homeless camp out from time to time.   When I photographed this I took the image with an intention of using it as a texture.   I didn't know how at the time but today it all came together.  
In Photoshop is opened the raw file added contrast etc because I wanted the "squiggles" to stand out more.   Then I began to add layers of the photo,  rotating and repositioning them as as what felt right.   Each layer I would either use the "exclusion" or "difference" function.  When I was finished I had a wonderful abstract mess that I could use as a texture.    The original was in color but I also converted it to black & white to use on monochrome photos.  
One of the things I like about textures is that they can bring out the feelings or moods of an image that lie just under the surface.    And I think this can take a bland image from the level of mere representation to "art".     See what you think.   

Below are two photos. The one from an abandoned factory; I haven't posted before because it seemed to be missing something, but when I added the color version of this new texture it seemed to come alive for me.   You can see hints of the texture but again it does not overpower the original image.    It enhances the crusty dirty feeling of what the location was really like.   I almost feel like I can rub my finger across the image and dust and dirt will come off.    

On the Winter scene below - I used the black and white version of the texture.   And to me it gives the image almost a vintage feel.    It adds to the snowiness of the overall scene making it feel even sharper and therefore colder even icy.    
Well those are my thoughts and look into the evolution of some of my images.   What do you think?   If anyone would like a jpeg or tif file of these textures color and/or black and white to use on your own work - use the contact form on this blog and I will email you a copy of the file.   This offer is for a limited time only.   Thanks everyone.  

sunday verses #11

4 haiku for the end of Autumn.

Leaves begin their fall.
Colors changing while you watch
autumn's rich pageant.

Cold, dark, windy night;
trees shudder; dead leaves unchained 
make fierce their escape

Distant in the dark.
Sweet sounds the soft piano.
Music in the night.

Chill'd, damp autumn night.
Sleepless bare trees sway slowly.
Unwrapp'd, expos'd heart.

sunday verses #6

POEM FOR LATE AUTUMN (*composition date unknown most likely sometime between 2007-2009)

Skeletal beauty
Parade of bones
Rooted in mire
Grasping heaven

A bridge between divine and profane

Waiting for winters blanket 
Redemption in white
Covering past sins
Peace and rest in a season of sleep

*while I don't remember when this was written I do know it was inspired by a line "snow falling, falling like forgiveness from the sky" in the song "Darling Christmas is Coming" by Over The Rhine from the album SNOW ANGELS (2006)

happy november

Hello and happy November.   Todays image was just taken this past Saturday 10/30/2021.   To me it is a quintessential Autumn shot with color, texture and the theme of breaking down - the end of life.  Enjoy.    

foggy lens

I’ve never posted these three before because I thought my fogged up camera lens ruined them. ¬† ¬†However, I might have been wrong. ¬† ¬†11 years after I took these photos I really like the mood the fogged lens creates. ¬† Enjoy.

tint tinabulum?

I can’t tell which one I would like best to see in print. ¬† ¬†I really love the sepia because it has it’s own special vintage feeling like a scene from primordial times. ¬† However I also really love the blue tint because to me it lends itself more to the frosty chill of the morning. ¬† ¬†decisions decisions.¬†