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Lunar Lift:

An astro-phenomenological event that occurs once every 4 years in the Circinus System.  The placement of the moon in conjunction with the sun and planet so that the gravity of the moon will “lift” the sun pulling it to an earlier sunrise.

In fact, a conjunction where the combined gravitational forces of moon and sun cause the sun to rise (up to 1 hr) earlier than normal.   Usually during the month of January during the “new moon” phase of the lunar cycle.  Often a faint impression of the moon will be seen simultaneously in the sky as the sun breaks over the horizon.   This year it will occur on 1/10/16 (5:58am earth time).

Because of this disruption in the normal cycle it can lead to more solar activity like solar flares and eruptions.   Can also lead to more environmental activity on the planet as the combined increase of gravitational pull can cause Tsunami’s & Tornado’s creating wind damage and flooding on the planet.


***** Okay, so that was a little fiction that came from a dream I had last night.  Boy my dreams can be dangerous.  LOL.  Maybe it’s just some deep subconscious desire to see that which is deemed “lesser” to be more highly valued.
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