So Christmas is past (just).     We are in the last week of the year a time of year where we celebrate "the cradle to the grave".   The cradle of new birth and the grave of the old year.   All this week I'll be position music for this transition into the new year.   Some you may know and others you may not know.   

So let's kick off festivities with Robbie Williams song NEW YEARS DAY from his Holiday album THE CHRISTMAS PRESENT.   

"...if we can't be lovers
let's be friends
I just called to say Happy New years Day
Don't know what we're fighting for 
But I can't do it anymore 
I just called to say Happy New Years Day...."

time for change

Robbie Williams is a musical artist I’ve enjoyed. He has a unique pop style. This original Christmas song fits right in. I like the sentiment of the title TIME FOR CHANGE. I really wish more people saw that holidays with that potential to make a change, stop the hate, stop the lies and work to bring people together. But sadly that will be a dream unfulfilled.

His Christmas album, THE CHRISTMAS PRESENT was released about 3 years ago (already – how time flies). I really love the duality of the title – THE CHRISTMAS PRESENT can be seen with the word present meaning a “gift” and also contemporary/now.

In the meantime enjoy this delightful video of Robbie and his family. And if you like this video you may also enjoy his video for CAN’T STOP CHRISTMAS.