two halves of a creative life

I just wanted to share this wonderful video from a YouTube channel I’ve followed for a few years.   Enjoy.

And I would like to add that you may go through this cycle more than once. I know that when I was younger my creative life revolved around music.  Then it evolved into theater and film.   Finally my creative life has been in image making and photography.   Also as many of you know from my posts I also dabble with writing and poetry which has been an arc over most of my life so it to has had it’s own creative cycle.   I’ve found that key aspects from all the previous iterations of my creative life have followed to the next.    So I guess one might say that in previous cycles of my creative life,  when I came to the evening of that cycle, I changed to a different primary form of creativity.   Therefore I would start the cycle all over again.    I want you to remember that no matter how many times the cycle of creativity turns you will always retain something of the previous cycle.   It will be a foundation and can be an inspiration and influence as you start a new cycle.    Take care every one.  Peace and blessings.


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