Life, A Box of Rocks

Yep, you read right. For Forest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” which is great for those who love romantic sweetness mixed up with chaos theory. I’m more of a practical realist. I think life is like a box of rocks. They are interesting and fun to throw. But when we play with them we and/or someone else will get bruised and hurt. Hurt is unavoidable in this life. Pain and suffering are unavoidable. The trick is trying not to hurt others especially when tossing rocks.  Always easier said than done. Kinda like using a rock to hit a window without breaking the glass – possible, but sure-as-hell, isn’t easy to do.   Rocks are fun to play with by and, like most things, we choose whether to keep them as objects of play and fascination or weapons of destruction, pain and suffering.   There is a fine line between play and war and the tipping point varies from person to person.   So take care, play hard and don’t blame others.