Does the USPS need to End?

So lately I’ve been wondering what’s up with the United States Postal Service (USPS). It seems that they are more intent on building job security for a continually failing system instead of actually delivering packages quickly and safely. There are many locations that have seen local postage sorting facilities close. One of the results of this is that packages are constantly being rerouted and there are longer delivery times as a result. If I mail a package in my city it can take 2 days longer for delivery than if I drive 5 minutes to the next town. And the only reason is that my city sends it’s mail to another location within the state for sorting. And these problems with the USPS are not just in my city or state. They are nationwide. 3 times now I’ve ordered merchandise online and following the tracking has been humorous and disconcerting. Here’s just two examples of what has happened recently.

1. I live in Ohio. The most recent fiasco is an order I placed on It was being shipped from New York. Ohio is is just 2 states west of New York. But what did I see when I followed the tracking id? The package was sent first to Missouri which is 3 states west of Ohio. So why did the USPS overshoot Ohio and send to Missouri before sending it back east to Ohio? Good question. It certainly is NOT economical – and they wonder why the USPS is losing money. It is adding additional days to the delivery time which is just poor service. And now it has overshot Ohio again and gone east to Pennsylvania. Oh by the way, I’m still waiting for this one to arrive. Maybe after a week or two the postal service will get tired of playing hopscotch with my mail.

2. On another order I had placed online. It was being shipped from Kansas. Something got all screwed up with the tracking id because it was tracking twice using the same tracking#. I had to laugh at the absurdity because the first time it tracked showed the package was delivered 2 months before I even ordered it. As if that wasn’t absurd enough, when the same tracking ID was re-tracked the route it took added two weeks to the delivery time. It was sent from kansas (4 states west of Ohio) to California (on the west coast), then to Texas and finally to Ohio. As it was, I could have driven to Kansas, picked up the package and driven back and had it sooner.

So what the Hell is going on?
Is the USPS just practicing job security for it’s employees and making the customer suffer?
I say it’s time to let the USPS die a natural death. Have those employees absorbed into alternate carrier systems (UPS, FEDEX, DHL, etc) and let’s get back to on-time, economical and efficient delivery. And the USPS postmaster general needs a new job altogether.
Meanwhile I’ll wait for my next package to be tracked to every state of the union before I actually get it.