The Forgotten 80’s

The 80’s was a magical time for music. In many ways it was the return of one-hit wonders at the end of radio’s glory days. So this may be the start of a new series. The forgotten 80’s. What about some of that fun music and what happened to the synth artists of the “New Wave”?

Today I’m featuring a really fun song called DANCING IN HEAVEN (Orbital Be-Bop) by band Q-Feel. The band only had one album and this song was their one hit from 1982. The song was featured in the film Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. The band was active between 1981-1984. The lead singer Martin Page went on to some solo success and is still active today.
C’mon everyone, “Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow…” Keep dancing in heaven. Enjoy. 🙂