THE NEW [ and evolving] REALITY


Privacy has become a myth.

The less things cost the more you want.

To go against the company IS to go against the state
and will not be tolerated.

More technology = unrealistic expectations

Etiquette has evolved –
You can now talk to friends around the world
while you are on the toilet evacuating your bowels

You will know more than you want to know,
and more than you need to know.

Greater choices increase dissatisfaction

The more dependent we become on technology,
the less capable we become.

A new exhibition in 2020 depicting life
when humanity was purely a biological life form.

….more to come….

4 thoughts on “THE NEW [ and evolving] REALITY

    • Hi Marina, Yeah its’ strange, at the age of 55, to see the world changing before my eyes. Even though I know every generation goes through this it’s still strange to witness things I thought I knew and the values I’ve maintained slowly being swept aside or exchanged for something that appears to be contrary – but which is, in fact, merely the values of a younger generation. My only consolation is that they too will experience what I am experiencing. Ahhh life – it’s still good. šŸ™‚

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