THE NEW [and evolving] REALITY – PT 2

…and now the continuing list of…TRUISMS FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM.

Common sense is now uncommon.

Theft is merely another form of financial management
and economic opportunity.

Weakness is celebrated more than strength

Conscience is optional

In a world of competing priorities
Everything is URGENT!

You must TAKE rest,
Rest will not be given to you

Emancipate the silence!

More sight, less thought

Nature WILL BE the last terrorist
[and nature ALWAYS wins!]

stated, re-stated,
and re-stated yet again;
need not be

Options are valued
more than wise choices


This is from an ongoing list of trends in behavior and values observed in the new millennium.
The first part of this list was posted on this blog March 5,2015 and like the previous list…
…to be continued….