Father’s Day…another American holiday to loathe

So last week I went to the greeting card store to purchase a fathers day card.
Scccrreeeeeech (sound of needle being dragged across vinyl) For those who are familiar with my work you may ask, “Why not just make him one of your own artwork?” Well the simple answer is that he doesn’t care for my work. Which is fine. Different strokes for different folks.
Now, on with the story.
If you are in America there is nothing more cliche than holidays, which is why I loathe them so much. The best thing about (most) holidays is that it just means I don’t have to go to work that day.
But everything else is pure cliche and pablum.
Father’s Day is no different. When shopping for a Fathers Day card and this is echoed in news stories and media coverage, you will find everything narrowed down to the following 5 subjects many of which are combined in some sort of competition:

  1. (humorous) Grilling
  2. (humorous) Sports (fishing, golfing etc)
  3. (humorous) Power Tools
  4. (humorous) traditional gifts satire (tie, socks etc)
  5. (serious) Thank you/Religious/Inspirational

Now this is just extremely disappointing, frustrating and maddening.  I think the greeting card industry should be boycotted for all the garbage it sells. On top of that every news program has some sort of Father’s Day “gift list” which includes gifts of/related to …you guessed it… grilling, sports & power tools.

Of course it’s even sadder that almost no one questions this stuff – it’s just accepted blindly as the norm.   So, goodbye individual expression and creativity.   Out the window and down the garbage disposal.  Father’s Day is just another holiday to loathe.

So what kind of card did I end up with?  A sound gadget grilling card.  The front states, “I’d like to give you a big grilled steak for Father’s Day” and when you open it up you see the picture of a cow (that actually mooo’s) and the words, “It just isn’t cooked yet”

I feel so unclean.