…3 Days…

Recent entries from the mobius journals…


I love morning best
the blanket of stillness
and pillows of quiet
cushion the new day
as it emerges snail-like
from the shell of night & sleep


today I am without words
without pen
that double-edged sword
which carves out of the imagination
shapes on paper
proof of one’s existence


in memoria of Barb H. (friend and co-worker)

two words full of weight and anxiety
like a sinking stone
that gives no right for the sun to shine
sunshine and sadness
the eternal conflict
minuano(*) wind
comes to rest in an instant
forever peace
quiet night
living only in dreams
and happy memories

*(from wikipedia)The Minuano is a cold wind that blows in the South of Brazil and in Uruguay. It is widely mentioned in the Gaúcho folklore of the region. This wind originates from cold polar fronts that come from the Southwest of South America during periods of high atmospheric pressure, usually following rains caused by the shock of the cold front with warmer stationary humid air. Some times it produces a “howling” sound.