….. from the mobius journals…..

The War Machine



The fuel tanks are empty
need more lives
the price is high
to create wealth
for the privileged few

roll on up to the pump
the politician attendant is ready
to stick the hose into the emptiness
of the war machine to pour gallons of lives
that it may roll on roll on roll on

the war machine
feeds on lost lives
cutting down life
for greed and death never say, “Enough!”
they only say, “more bodies for the machine”

The war machine knows
knows what it needs to survive
it elicits feelings of pride, patriotism and honor
where there is none

The machine knows that propaganda
will bring volunteers to die
more efficiently and will reduce
recruitment costs

“Fight fight fight
they are wrong
we are right
you are part of ‘WE’
join now!
for the sacrifice”

Even religion supports the war machine
Gods punishment on those who are not like us
the religious fervor of “God is on our side”
stop abortion, we need more lives for the machine

When there are no more human lives
the war machine will stop
unable to run it will rust to pieces
chunks, hunks & clumps of cold empty metal
returning to its elemental source
ashes to ashes, dust to dust
a reprieve on the planet
a reprieve on the life that remains

Who is left to bury the dead?
will Antigone not rise up again
to do what is right?
bodies lie in the open sun
their weapons for tombstones by their side