….. on abandonment ….. the aquarium…..

As many of you know I tend to like things that are decaying, rusting, forgotten and generally falling apart.   While I tend to focus in on the details today I’m going to post “the wider view”.   These photos were taken near the end of February 2016 at the old abandoned aquarium in Cleveland, OH.  I usually don’t like going inside these places by myself because you never know what you may find (a body – living or dead; or a wild animal).  But I ventured inside.  I was there and the door was open so whatever will be, will be.  Honestly, I was surprised to find the building still standing – and once you see the photos I’m sure you’ll agree.   For me abandoned spaces are filled with mystery and wonder – they bring out those qualities in me that children excel at.   While not all the photos are what I would call “great” they do exhibit the feel, mood and condition of the place.  I call this series ANATOMIES OF PAIN because this building is clearly suffering in the same way as any living body would that would be wracked by disease or other physical brokenness.  I hope you enjoy this series.