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2012 La Humanidad No Es Ilegal

Little did I know in 2012 – when I took this photo of some graffiti on a wall – how relevant it would be only 5 years later in T-rumpworld – where borders are being shuttered and talk of walls being built. East Vs. West and North Vs. South. The McCarthy era has returned with a vengeance – where suspicion breeds fear and hatred.

I look forward to when walls come down and borders are opened – it will happen eventually no matter how hard you fight it – history has ALWAYS proven that walls come down… so why bother to build? Couldn’t better things be done with the money?

3 thoughts on “… on… what is human….

  1. Terry, I am going to put my two cents in here:
    I agree that the McCarthy era was hysteria (Reds under the bed !) but is there not now a worry about the homogeneity of society that to some extent justifies the fear that well established communities resent the outsider who does not integrate.
    The Lion & the Lamb (The blood of the slain lamb would set apart the people of Israel from the people of Egypt) is this a justification for the popularity of the wall? as it clearly delineates those of one ideology from those of another,
    In an ideal world we would all have tolerance & be able to live one with another, but that so far has proved rather elusive,
    So for you it’s the wall & for us it’s the English Channel.
    I am playing Devils Advocate here, but if it would not trivialise the subject, it would be a great conversation over a good Malt.

    • Thanks for adding to the discussion my friend. Interesting thoughts. I also like to play Devils Advocate at times…. and yes it would make for a great conversation over a good malt….. See ya at the pub. 🙂

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