… on… knock, knock….

Behind caged bars
restless heart, fearful mind
murmurs of changeKnock Knock

This image is one of the not-so-hidden spaces in downtown Akron.   Just on the other side of this building is South Main St.   And it is adjacent to the Akron Civic Theater.   This entire area has been under a slow renovation for several years.  Just behind me is the popular LOCK 4 of the canal which runs through this area. It is already repurposed as a wonderful outdoor entertainment space with live jazz, blues and gospel over the warmer months.  When I peered though the windows on South Main and between the bars through the cracks in the plywood I did see construction lighting and various clean-up tools as if this structure is under renovation.   I just hope they  don’t tear it down like they’ve done other historic buildings downtown.

Your musical moment to help digest this post is provided by FORQ (yep it’s pronounced fork). The track is titled THE HARD WAY from their self-titled album.

4 thoughts on “… on… knock, knock….

  1. Chill and warm music for a moody rainy night also here in Vancouver. The photo is so very perfect and refreshingly untouched by digital editing; this is why you are one of my all time favorite painters with light.
    I hear your words but the old will always give way to the new, it is the natural order, and every generation learns it again and again. Change is the only constant and maybe all we can do is try to ensure human beauty lives on in the new…

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