… on… Buffy Sainte-Marie….

As many of you already know I am a HUGE fan of a variety of music.   I’ve long listened to Native American music artists From N. Carlos Nakai, Bill Miller, Robbie Robertson, Robert Mirabal, Mary Youngblood, Pura Fe, Brulé, Rita Coolidge, John Trudell, The Black Lodge Singers,  Primeaux and Mike just to name a few.

One artist that I haven’t listened to in years is Buffy Sainte-Marie. She was born in Canada and currently resides in Hawaii.  Back in the 60’s – 70’s she was best known for her folk and country music along with protest anthems like UNIVERSAL SOLDIER and activism for Native American rights.

Well, the 74-year-old of the Piapot Plains Cree First Nation subject matter has NOT changed.   Her music has changed with a dynamic, visceral tone and timber to keep up with the times and lyrically she is as powerful as ever.  On the new music her unique time ravaged voice rages like a windstorm which is so perfect for the lyrics she writes and sings.   She reinvented herself in the past decade and  was recognized with the Polaris Prize and Juno Awards of 2015.  Her winning album was POWER IN THE BLOOD and just this year she released MEDICINE SONGS.  On the new album she not only has some new music but also has re-recorded some of her classics fanning the embers into a new burning flame.    On her website she states about this new album,

“This is a collection of front line songs about unity and resistance – some brand new and some classics – and I want to put them to work.”

You can check out more on this fine artist, humanist, activist, environmentalist through the links at the bottom of the post.   But first I want to share a couple of her amazing songs.   This is immediate music for our immediate present.  So turn it on, turn it up and don’t be surprised if you start to move.   🙂






Here are some great links



***** I need to give props to my friend and fellow blogger known as “sloppybuddhist” for re-acquainting me with this powerful music artist.  Check out her blog at https://sloppybuddhist.com