culture wars

begun long ago

and no one cares

living in the moment

ignoring the past

you did not ask for 

this war

I did not ask for 

this war

yet here we are 

stuck on the front lines

drafted by those we did not vote for

A war fomented by the news media

shaped by the influencers on the internet

and social media

Systemic Racism

Economic injustice

Everyone’s a victim

We consume victimization like our favorite foods

We digest our own destruction

21st Century Ouroboros

vipers all

We ignore the shit that comes out the other end

We stubbornly refuse to clean up (it’s up the other person)

We obsessively and repeatedly fuel our consumption of outrage

The scales have tipped

As a species we are tilting at windmills

in our self-prescribed delusion

I did not ask for this war

You did not ask for this war

And the question is not IF we should fight

But HOW we should fight

Military wars always kill

Culture wars are fought for control

control of your mind

control of your freedom

control of your expression

control of your creativity

control of your religion

(even if you have no religion)

control of your education

control of your own body

fingers point everywhere

but no one cares that 

when you point one finger

at someone or something else

three fingers point back to you

And the question is not IF

we should fight


we should fight

How should I fight this war 

that I did not ask for? 

It seems an impossible dream

to fight a war 

with love, compassion, grace & humility

when all around you 

is blame, blind rage, raw hatred 

and venomous pride

Jesus didn’t die for any one person’s sins

Two things killed Jesus Christ – 

Politics and Religion

Their control threatened by the gospel of peace and love

“You see, control can never be a means to any practical end…It can never be a means to anything but more control…like junk..” (1)

“Is Control controlled by its need to control? Answer: yes.” (2)

The way to win this war is to give up control

to lose control

The death of one is the birth of another

Change is coming that we cannot control

Change is here 

Change we can shape

“I awakened to the cry

That the people have the power

To redeem the work of fools

Upon the meek the graces shower

It’s decreed the people rule” (3)

We must surrender this culture of complaint

and realize we will never be able to control others

we can only control our selves. 

“Just Do It!” *(4)

Let the lion lie down with the lamb

Let the darkness meet the light

Let hell and heaven merge

in the forge of life on earth

to burn off the dross of our misgivings

revealing yours and mine

shining gold dream

“The siren and the ecstasy, … the one in front of me

New gold dream” (5)

I did not ask for this war

You did not ask for this war

But we CAN end it! 

Will We?

And the mercy seat is waiting

And I think my head is burning

In a way I’m yearning

To be done with all this measuring of truth

An eye for an eye

And a tooth for a tooth

And anyway I told the truth

And I’m not afraid to die” (6)

1    quote by William S Burroughs from NAKED LUNCH

2    quote by William S Burroughs from AH POOK IS HERE; AND OTHER TEXTS

3    lyric from PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER by Patti Smith

4    slogan from Nike commercial

5    lyric from NEW GOLD DREAM by Simple Minds

6    lyric from MERCY SEAT by Nick Cave

unfinished business