PINK MOON (4.2021)

In honor of the Full Pink Supermoon on 4/26.   A rarity I’m told.  Here in the US it will be at it’s fullest at 11:32PM Eastern Time on Monday night. This moon is also known as, the Sprouting Grass Moon and the Fish Moon.   I like the idea of a pink moon so I’m sticking with that.  🙂

Photo taken off Everett Rd in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park (but I added the moon – hehe – yeah I cheated). Weather permitting I’ll be able to see the real thing tomorrow night.   

Enjoy this classic song PINK MOON by Nick Drake.  From the album Pink Moon release in 1972 which means next year will be the albums 50th anniversary.   Pink Moon would be Drake’s third and final album as he would die in 1974 at the age of 26.  While not a big hit for Drake in his short lifetime.  The song and album have since been held in high regard by many songwriters, garnered more sales and critical attention and ranks very high on critics lists of “Favorite Albums of All Time”.    Enjoy. 

Pink Moon