***A note about the image: I did not create this figure. I only added the majority of text and I did add the blush to the cheeks. The original figure, an American caricature, of “Uncle Sam” (which has become iconic) was originally painted by cartoonist James Montgomery Flagg in 1917 for an American poster that was used for recruitment into the US Army. The poster came into popular use in 1918.

Only in America can you have more mass shootings than any other country in the world.    This past week there was yet another school shooting 19 children dead and 1 teacher dead.   I grow more infuriated each time this happens knowing it could be prevented.   

Here are some basic facts:

1.  The politicians are the first to say "we are sorry, our condolences and prayers go out to the victims and their families." 
2. These same politicians have REFUSED to take any meaningful action on gun control. 
3. These same politicians are "Pro-Life" (anti-abortion):  as if to say you need to have your babies so they can grow up and be shot in school.    Hey It's just target practice right?  It's as if they value infants more than children.   
4. These same politicians pockets are financially lined by the powerful gun lobby and NRA.
5. These same politicians feature political adds with them promoting guns. 
6. Obviously the voters don't care because they keep voting these people back in to office. 
7. The best ideas these bastards have are BAD ideas that only harm the learning environment and teach children to be even more afraid, like:
    - Making teachers carry guns
    - adding more police presence in schools
    - lock down schools
    - give children bullet proof backpacks and blankets to keep in the classroom
    - give children more training on how to avoid being shot
8. Something's gotta give!

STOP hiding, like cowards, behind the 2nd amendment which has nothing to do with what is currently happening in America.   The founding fathers would be so ashamed.
NO MORE INACTION!!!!!!!!!!! 
Vote the bastards OUT!!!!!!!!
Gun Control NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The time for "prayers and condolences" is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***Share this with everyone (though I doubt few will - because they've become de-sensitized and just don't give a fuck anymore).  Welcome to America. 

Political Inaction… (a visual satire)