Well here we are.   It officially that last day of 2022.   So glad to see the year gone and ready for the new year.  New Years is always about celebration.   So what better way to celebrate than to funk it up.  
I decided to post 7 videos.   Why seven?   Well it's always been one of my favorite numbers aaaaannnnndddd 2+0+2+3=7.  LOL 

Come with me to Earth Wind & Fire's BOOGIE WONDERLAND. 
The funk master himself, Bootsy Collins had hit after hit.   Here he is joined by the Cleveland Youth Orchestra to a surprizing wound up version of WIND ME UP.    Wish I'd seen this show.   🙂
Known more as a disco band Chic could also get downright funky.    New Years Eve is about celebrating GOOD TIMES and Chic are here to make it happen.   Enjoy.
George Clinton's Parliament Funkadelic had so many great hits.     There here on New Years Eve to BRING THE FUNK.  Get ready to shake it loose. 
The great Gap Band invites you to climb aboard the PARTY TRAIN.    
The unbeatable Rick James.   Playing HARD TO GET keeps the party moving. 
Finally.   I grew up with a TV show called Soul Train - you might say that show taught me how to dance.   Enjoy Wild Cherry's PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC. 
Hope you all enjoyed the party.   See you Next Year!!!!!   HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!

New Years Eve FUN FUN FUNK