Todays post features the work of Performance Artist Yoann Bourgeois.   His work continues to mesmerize me and keep me in thrall.   This video of a work titled Passants (passers) looks at the life cycle and beautifully illustrates the passing of each generation - as one generation is ending another is beginning.   It also visually describes a human life in motion even when it appears to stop.     Music is by Phillip Glass played by Kronos Quartet with its kinetic repetitive motifs is perfect for this performance.  Enjoy the magic, the wonder, the beauty of this performance.   (fyi there is an introduction in french since this live performance was broadcast on French television.)  
The "curtain call" itself is a work of performance art.    Simply amazing!   Enjoy!  
If you liked the video above ... here are a couple more featuring the amazing work of Yoann Bourgeois.

grace… beauty… mystery… life passes by….