Today, April 30 is officially International Jazz Day.    O happy day!!!!
to celebrate this magnificent artform I want to share several videos that enjoy listening to /watching. 
I want to start of the proceedings with a wonderful song featuring Italian guitarist Pasquale Grasso and American singer Samara Joy (age 23).    This song today "Solitude" is from Pasquale Grasso's album,  PASQUALE PLAYS DUKE.   He has also played on both of Samara Joy's albums the second one titled LINGER AWHILE won her the 2023 Grammy Awards for Best Jazz Vocalist and also Best New Artist - only the second time a Jazz person has won the Best New Artist category.
This next video is by American composer and saxophonist Kamasi Washington.   "Street Fighter Mas" is from his second album HEAVEN AND EARTH and has a really cool funky retro urban vibe.     Enjoy.  
I've been a fan of this next group for years.   Snarky Puppy is a collective that really could be described as a jazz orchestra due to the number of personnel in the band.  There are percussion, woodwinds, brass and strings (guitar) sections.   This track  "Trinity" is from their latest recording EMPIRE CENTRAL which also won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Instrumental Recording.   The talent in this band is through-the-roof excellent with many members having their own successful solo careers including the composer of "Trinity" guitarist Mark Lettieri (in the video he's the one playing the blue guitar). 
Next stop is Italy,    Jazz and Classical composer Paolo Fresu is such an interesting phenomena.   He plays trumpet and flugelhorn.    The diversity of his compositional catalogue is staggering.   If you get a chance check out some of his classical works also.    Today's selection is simply titled "Mare Nostrum" and features, in addition to Fresu, accordionist Richard Galliano and pianist Jan Lundgren.   This trio recently released Mare Nostrum III and is a wonderful addition to the series. 
And now Jazz from somewhere you may not have expected - Pakistan.   Yes you read right.   This amazing interpretation of  Paul Desmonds composition, "Take Five" made famous by Dave Brubeck.   Features Tabla, sitar and orchestra.   This performance by the Sachal Jazz Ensemble is simply refreshing and a delight.    Enjoy. 
While jazz may have started in American it has gone global over the last several decades in a big way.   And there is simply no way, in one post to include jazz from every single country on earth.   Arguably one of the greatest hotbeds of new jazz are the Nordic countries and is well documented with thousands of recordings.  

One doesn't typically expect to hear tuba as a jazz instrument.   But jazz tubist Daniel Herkesdal has changed all that.    You won't find the pompous brassy "oom-pa-pa" typically associated with the tuba. Enjoy this quiet little number, "The Mistral Noir" from his album SLOW EASTBOUND TRAIN. 
Too wrap up proceedings I want to pick up the tempo and bring it back home (so to speak).   
This last video is by probably one of my all-time favorite male vocalists, Kurt Elling.      I've always wanted to see him live because he has such a dynamic performance style.  Enjoy "Manic Panic Ephiphanic" from his most recent studio album SUPERBLUE. 
And to my readers over seas - if you have a favorite jazz video from your country then please feel free to post in comments.  I always welcome input from you my friends.



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