Today I want to share a video that is, arguably, the absolutely best live cover of a Nirvana song ever!   Smells LIke Teen Spirit is anthem that taps into the cultural mainline that has addicted our world with it's refrain of "Here we are now, entertain us!".            

Shaka Ponk are a french band that has been around for years that I only recently discovered.   Maybe some of my European followers are more familiar with them.    Shaka Ponk have dabbled in a wide range of styles from hip-hop, pop, hard rock, rap, synth pop, etc.    

But in this live performance they really shine and I'm convinced they're better live than in the studio.  Recorded at the Alcaline in France complete with full band and gospel choir.     I dare you not to get swept away in this performance.   It starts at a demure level 4 (quiet and enchanting) then just before the 3 minute mark they turn the performance dial up to a shattering 10.   And it hums along until around the 4 minute mark where they nudge the dial up to 11 or maybe even 12.   And they just keep it going from there.    The performance drives, perhaps possessed by the ghost Kurt Cobain.   By the 5 minute mark I have goose bumps until the end.  It is just an amazing performance.   They know how to put on a show and the audience is with them the whole time. 

Even if this is not your taste in music.   I hope you give it a chance and enjoy it.   Unfortunately I think Shaka Ponk may be calling it quits as they are now promoting their self described "Final F*cked Up Tour". 

So enjoy this performance.  

Shaka Ponk?

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