… on… the information ocean….

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  1. and if we named that lifeboat what might it be? solitude, peace, silence, making art, making love?
    ‘Stars of the Lid’ …enter the dark ambient drone zone…I go there quite often when painting but this one ain’t no lifeboat brother, this one is Davy Jones Locker :0

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  2. A man should be interested about “all things human”, to the extent that he can. In real life, this is usually achieved without breaking the balance between what is and what should be.
    In virtual, though, where information is emulating, in other words assimilating real life, such balance is broken. That’s because the whole process is not a real experience but a false kind of transaction where everything is “on the tip of your finger”. Apart from that, the “need” to move constantly from issue to issue, dictated by the way the Internet works, gives a false sense of omnipresence.
    The individual therefore is, on one side, defining himself “not by who he is but by what he possesses” and, on the other side, feeling blessed with super powers. Anxiety comes in as this vision of super powers collapses.
    Lifeboat for someone could be just having a strong sense of what we really cares about, and getting into it. Minimalizing surfing, maximalizing diving.

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