… on… life in a fog….

Take Me To The River

What’s so good about the fog?

For so many people fog has many negative connotations.  It suggests a depressive mood, and is often associated with colder weather, absence of sunlight, obscured vision, loneliness and a lack of mental clarity (just to name a few).

But is that a fair assessment?  For myself, there are many more positive aspects of fog – and as a photographer even the above mentioned “negative” associations serve the image in a positive manner.

She Left Me Standing There

I enjoy the quietness of a foggy morning.  There is something restful and peaceful about looking out into a dense fog.   I like the softness of light and damp crispness of the morning air.  I enjoy seeing objects moving through fog – coming into focus then,  dematerializing as if disappearing by magic forces.   For me a foggy morning provides more clarity (not less) as it allows me to focus more intently on a single subject.   It removes so much of the visual noise that is persistent on a full sunlit day.   And finally, there is no depression or loneliness in a foggy day just pure mystery – a Draumalandið [dreamland].  And I enjoy the mystery.

Fog is something that is unplanned and hard to predict – for some people this constitutes as an unwelcome disruption that forces us to re-focus.  I think it this is actually beneficial and stimulating both mentally and physically and is certainly healthier than other life disruptions that occur on a regular basis.

What many people forget is how temporary fog is.  It seems to only exist for a short time. It usually comes overnight or early in the morning and usually disappears by early afternoon.  For me, this impermanence of fog makes it more precious and therefore increases its value.

Leaning Toward Autumn

Photographing fog is really tricky.   Because it entails finding the right balance between focus/clarity and the obscure object of desire.   It can be richly rewarding when done well.

While I would not want to spend ALL my time in the fog I am glad when it is present and I hope you can enjoy it also.

Indi go-go fog


8 thoughts on “… on… life in a fog….

  1. I share your love of fog Terry for all of the reasons you gave, and will add one of my own – the sound of foghorns. I live near the ocean and hear them often across the water, they sound like ancient sea dragons calling to each other. Kudos for your glorious photos. Video is not available to me. Excellent post, thank you…

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    • Thanks my friend. Ahhh foghorns – I love your comparison to “ancient sea dragons” Thanks for your comments. Not sure why the videos aren’t avail to you (probably licensing issues). Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

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  2. Lovely set. The ethereal beauty of Fog- how it transforms places and the actors within them, creating that pointed and minimalist atmosphere, that haunting Draumalandið- is so well-depicted in your images, as well as in your words.

    I feel the very same about Fog. Fantastic musical choice, too, loved it. Superb post. Looking forward to seeing more.

    All the best,

    Autumn Jade

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