… on… winter….

Winter has been a favorite season of mine for a long long time.  The things I always liked about winter were the cold, ice, snow and wind….   But winters have been milder (thanks to climate change) so I find them less enjoyable than previously.   Looks like we’ll have a “green” Christmas – for at least the fifth year in a row……  I remember when Christmas’s were always “white” with snow.   Oh well, that’s life.  Last week we had some snow so I was able to get out and enjoy it for the couple of days it lasted.   Today’s image is proof of that.

When winter comes
Its cold dark embrace beguiling
We search for warmth

Wind howls coldly
Wrapped in sweaters of warmth
Hide in hovels

Winter Storm

Winters Solstice
Boldly we soldier on
Bring On The Night

Light only flickers
Dancing a tarantella
A dark long night-scape

In the northern hemisphere Christmas is also closely aligned with the Winter Solstice – the darkest time of the year when days are short and nights are long (unlike my friends in the southern hemisphere where this is the beginning of summer).

In honor of the Winter Solstice here is some music by the underrated Tin Hat Trio.  The track is titled THE LONGEST NIGHT from their recording Book Of Silk.

6 thoughts on “… on… winter….

  1. dear Mobius…lovely image and i too love winter…hoping for snow…and thank you for the song…new too me…i like it…thank you for sharing your words and work…i appreciate it….smiles and joy and all good things to you (((((hugs hedy)))) sending joy!

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  2. so nice that you enjoy winter.
    unfortunately i’m NOT a fan of winter…
    cold weather is a trigger for my C-PTSD.
    …so it’s a bit like SAD (Season Affected Disorder), but just winter.
    cheers, Gavin.

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    • Well the cold weather isn’t great for my arthritis but hey I’ll take the discomfort – although I was a bit wobbly with my cane in the snow last weekend. LOL BTW not sure if you knew I use a cane now because of the arthritis – ahhhh the joys of getting older. Talk to ya later my friend. 🙂


    • BTW I had no idea weather would trigger CPTSD. I can understand your dislike for it in that case. So you must be eager – as in – it can’t come soon enough – for summer. You’re in luck Happy summer! 🙂


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