This weekened is celebrated as "HALFWAY TO HALLOWEEN" at theme parks and haunted houses.  The photos from yesterday, today and tomorrow are from two local attractions here in Akron, Ohio.    You will see the Haunted Schoolhouse which has been haunting northeast Ohio residents since 1974.      Some lessons are very haunting indeed.  LOL 

The photo's are exterior shots only as I have never bothered to be entertained.   Just never bought into the whole "haunted house" thing kinda like watching most comedians.   I've always had the attitude "okay make me laugh" or "okay scare me" and 10 minutes later I'm already bored.   LOL.   But there are some fun moments that come out of such things - i.e. the video below by Broken Peach.     Their version of the classic Tainted Love From their Halloween Special.   Enjoy.

Halfway to Halloween (is a thing?)

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