The Images I posted Thurs, Friday and today are from two local "haunted house" attractions.   It seemed appropriate to post them this weekend since most "haunted house" attractions have special events this weekend celebrating Halfway to Halloween (which I didn't know was "a thing" until I started researching these locations - LOL). 

The Haunted Schoolhouse began in 1974 and has endured decades of horror.  The lessons here are haunting and filled with horror - but my own real life school experience was filled with horror so I never went to this attraction.   

The Haunted Laboratory has been, as the door says, "Infecting Akron Since 1981".   It is housed in the Daniel Guggenheim Airship Institute next door to the schoolhouse.   Daniel Guggenheim (yes that Guggenheim family) was a war hawk who was fascinated with and promoted aeronautics - specifically the science and development of airships.  He had a difficult and complicated relationship with his brothers. He was partly responsible for dragging the US into WW1.    The institute was affiliated with the University of Akron and was in operation until 1949 when airships fell out of favor and their use was declining.   So it is perhaps appropriate that this location be turned into a "haunted house" attraction.  

It only seems fitting that the music today would come from a local Ohio group.   Midnight Syndicate in the early days became recognized for their gaming soundtrack to the popular video game Dungeons and Dragons.   They have since gone on to record many albums of horror, etherwave, darkwave music that have often been performed and used in haunted house attractions.   Enjoy the Dark Legacy.

Halfway to Halloween

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