open ice cream dance

Welcome to Ice Cream Sunday! ūüôā
open ice cream dance

Of course whenever I see the words “ice cream” I can’t help but smile and think of the song written by Tom Waits and re-interpreted by Jalacy “Screamin’ Jay” Hawkins.

hittin’ the G Spot on Sunday Morning

Hittin' The G Spot on Sunday Morning

Honestly, I didn’t see the two guys in the photo until after I packed up and was driving away. I hoped I didn’t get them in the shot – well – that obviously was a vain hope. LOL

… on… photo editorialism….

***I found the subject for this photo near my home and felt it legitimately illustrated how I feel about what is happening here in the US.

In Trumpmerica Рthe left is not tolerated.   The legitimate press is not tolerated.   There is only one way Рthe right РTrumps way.

Story Of Our Lives #109

It’s funny how someone’s desire to “Make America Great Again” has actually made it worse. ¬†Muzzle the press. ¬†Authoritarian rule. ¬†Punish the opposition. ¬†Meanness. ¬†Lack of noble character traits. ¬†Ignorance. ¬†Re-writing history.

Q: What happened to my country of birth?
A:¬†SHE’S GONE AWAY (Nine Inch Nails – as performed in TWIN PEAKS: The Ltd Series)


… on… speed bumps…

We all have speed bumps that crop up in our lives. ¬† It may be a death, an accident or loss of some other sort that causes us to slow down and even stop to reconsider our direction in life. ¬† This is a good thing. ¬†Life’s tragedies large and small can be a sort of amazing grace. ¬†And sometimes they can even make us better.

Story Of Our Lives #83

Wherefore I am well pleased in infirmities, in damages, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses — for Christ; for whenever I am infirm, then I am powerful.

~ 2 Corinthians 12:12 (YLT – Young’s Literal Translation)


…on right left, left right…

Where do you stand? To the left of things or to the right?
I came across this sign while exiting a parking deck(car park). What the signs didn’t tell me is that if I turn right I would only lead to a dead-end and no real exit. I got to thinking about that: Isn’t that the way of the “far right” – always leads to a dead end? So, I think it’s best to be left of center. I have leftist leanings – truth. “You can find me, left of center…”

Story Of Our Lives #46

….on re-texting our lives….

More in the ongoing series of images of signs….. today a side-by-side view of the same image. ¬†Only one word is changed. ¬†You already know my fascination, interest, obsession with textual content in images and art.

Well since I’ve switched to B&W.¬† This obsession has been renewed and re-imagined.
I’ve started one series called THE STORY OF OUR LIVES which is simply just photographs of signs with the idea that signs tell our life story.
What do signs mean?   What do they tell us? How do they control us? etc.
I’ve since started a new series which is a spin-off of that. ¬† The new series is about re-texting our lives. ¬† ¬†In this new series I am actually re-wording the signs I photograph typically just one word. ¬†The previous 3 images I’ve posted are part of this series. ¬†How does one word change the meaning of a sign? ¬†What happens when we mis-read a sign (thinking it says one thing when it actually says another)? ¬†How much attention to we pay toward signs anyway? ¬†Are signs just the ignored art of our time?

…..on the story of our lives…..

I once saw a sign and my first thought was, “Hmmmmph, that’s the story of my life!”…..

In the past few months I’ve noticed that has been my reaction to more and more signs. These signs just seem to be coming into focus of my awareness in a way they haven’t before. In fact there almost seems to be an oppression by signs. Some are just general informational signs. Things that announce operating hours, directions to a place, time it takes to get somewhere, who to call (and it ain’t Ghostbuster’s), and other general announcements. But I’m finding, and maybe it’s just my growing awareness, that more and more signs are dictating things. Signs that tell us to do one thing or another, telling us what we can and can’t do. And there are signs that are used to threaten and control…..

That is the focus of this new photo project I’ve started. These signs make up the story of our lives and can tell us things about ourselves, our culture, our perceptions and misconceptions about the world in which we live. So while one may dismiss these images in this project as just pictures of signs. I am asking the view to go further. To go beyond the obvious. To ask questions and let these signs bring new understandings.

Here are eight of the 20 odd images I’ve collected so far (in no particular order). Enjoy.

…..on new truisms…..

These two images are the latest installments in a series I started last year.
They will be part my new book called visual glossolalia¬†3: TRUISMS FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM¬†….. I’m also thinking about printing in greeting card format and mailing out randomly to people – just to make them think and keep guessing.

I’m enjoying this series. I guess it could be called jarring cynical sarcasm to piss people off – LOL!!!!.

Most of the thoughts in this series are just random waking musings. For example; the first image was a realization that came to me when I heard people talking about values; promoting certain values but never practicing those values themselves.

The second image, “…no answers…” came to me at work (yesterday) as I realized that no one really has any “answers” any more. What I mean is that they have no idea how to fix something. They’re just guessing and trying different things in the blind hope that something will work. There’s no practical application based on knowledge. A bit like, with eyes closed, randomly tearing a page out of a book and saying, “Let’s try this.”

Yes, that is a stark criticism for corporate America – but since the shoe fits – they’ll have to wear it. And whether you agree or disagree it is something to think about.