… on… photo editorialism….

***I found the subject for this photo near my home and felt it legitimately illustrated how I feel about what is happening here in the US.

In Trumpmerica – the left is not tolerated.   The legitimate press is not tolerated.   There is only one way – the right – Trumps way.

Story Of Our Lives #109

It’s funny how someone’s desire to “Make America Great Again” has actually made it worse.  Muzzle the press.  Authoritarian rule.  Punish the opposition.  Meanness.  Lack of noble character traits.  Ignorance.  Re-writing history.

Q: What happened to my country of birth?
A: SHE’S GONE AWAY (Nine Inch Nails – as performed in TWIN PEAKS: The Ltd Series)


3 thoughts on “… on… photo editorialism….

  1. yes……

    I have a friend here in Australia who will NOT enter into a conversation about Trump, under any circumstance, primarily because he is an EASY target.

    this made complete sense to me…and i totally respect his premise.
    it also made me think about my own behavior….

    …so i do try not to trash Trump, but it can be very difficult not to. LOL


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