…..on the story of our lives…..

I once saw a sign and my first thought was, “Hmmmmph, that’s the story of my life!”…..

In the past few months I’ve noticed that has been my reaction to more and more signs. These signs just seem to be coming into focus of my awareness in a way they haven’t before. In fact there almost seems to be an oppression by signs. Some are just general informational signs. Things that announce operating hours, directions to a place, time it takes to get somewhere, who to call (and it ain’t Ghostbuster’s), and other general announcements. But I’m finding, and maybe it’s just my growing awareness, that more and more signs are dictating things. Signs that tell us to do one thing or another, telling us what we can and can’t do. And there are signs that are used to threaten and control…..

That is the focus of this new photo project I’ve started. These signs make up the story of our lives and can tell us things about ourselves, our culture, our perceptions and misconceptions about the world in which we live. So while one may dismiss these images in this project as just pictures of signs. I am asking the view to go further. To go beyond the obvious. To ask questions and let these signs bring new understandings.

Here are eight of the 20 odd images I’ve collected so far (in no particular order). Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “…..on the story of our lives…..

  1. I appreciate the concept of this series Terry, I get it ! Often I feel the same way. I see messages and metaphors in every sign, some even become powerful auguries.
    At other times I become overwhelmed with them, by the way they dictate rules and warn us of consequences. I notice this especially when I return from less affluent and less paranoid countries. For instance, here in Vancouver one simple bus ride will garner as many as 25 signs telling us things we surely already know as thinking and feeling human beings: give a seat to the old and handicapped, don’t assault the driver, don’t put your feet on the seats etc. And that’s not including the commercial ads.
    On a Mexican city bus there are no signs at all and yet people still remember how to be caring to each other. You have chosen a theme that is huge in its possibility of discussion and exploration.

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