…on… nowhere

Exit To Nowhere smlr

Where is Nowhere?
Can you take me there?
Will others welcome me?

What will it look like?
Will it be someplace just like here?
Will I be entering a place everyone else is trying to leave?

Is there a road to nowhere?
Is there a train to nowhere?
Is there a door to nowhere?

Nowhere is home
Somewhere is always someplace else
The elusive “other”

Always going and never arriving
Living the dream
While ignoring reality

White line fever
Tracks of our tears
Knocking on the doors of opportunity never to be opened.

We have taken the exit and are now here.

3 thoughts on “…on… nowhere

  1. I too have been cogitating recently on nothing and nowhere but finally understood, once again! that it’s as impossible to think about nothing and nowhere as it is to not think about an orange cow…

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